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Kathy Sindall

BSc(Hons) MCPod


Therapies At Wootton Fields
17 Tudor Court,
Wootton Fields,
Telephone 01604 432966
Park Slope Surgery,
32 Stoke Road, Blisworth, Northampton

Telephone 01604 878000
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About the practice

Established in 1993, the practice has grown to offer the following treatments:

  • Nail, corn and callus management 
  • Correction of ingrown toenails
  • Cracked heel treatment
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Treatment for fungal infections of skin and nails 
  • Soft tissue injury management 
  • Verruca treatment 
  • Heel pain and ball of foot pain management 
  • Biomechanical assessment and prescription of orthotics and insoles 
  • Footwear and foot care advice 
  • Advice on the management of baby and toddler foot care 
  • Ultrasound therapy for soft tissue injuries in the lower limb 
  • Mobilisation for soft tissue and joints

Why Feet

Our feet consist of 26 bones supported by ligaments, tendons, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissues. Our feet help us balance and carry us the equivalent of 5 times around the world in an average lifetime.

Our feet may also mirror our general health. Signs of diabetes, arthritis, circulatory or neurological diseases may often appear first in the feet. Problems with our backs, hips and knees may affect our gait, and it is often true in reverse. If our feet are not functioning as a solid platform and lever of propulsion this may be reflected in the rest of our body.

Common Problems

Steps in the right direction

What happens when I visit the Podiatrist?

On your first visit, full details of your problem will be taken, along with your medical history. It is important that you bring along a list of any medication you are taking. 

You will then be given a thorough examination of your foot and lower limb health that will be tailored to the presenting complaint. Available treatments will then be discussed and planned to suit the needs of the individual. Your appointment should take around 30 minutes and will incorporate any necessary treatment, with the emphasis on eliminating or reducing pain.


It is also respectfully requested that to avoid interruptions and distractions, mobile phones are turned off and for reasons of safety young children are not brought into the consulting room unless it is they who are attending for treatment.

The Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Since July 2005 only those who have satisfied the criteria for registration with the HCPC may call themselves Chiropodist or Podiatrist. It is the controlling body that regulates health professionals such as Podiatrist, Physiotherapists, Radiographers and Occupational Therapists. Attending a registered practitioner ensures a high level of safety and proficiency.

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About Kathy

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